Things you should know about me:

1. I love to make lists. 
2. Jesus is my reason. For anything and everything. I owe everything I am and hope to be for Him, to Him.
3. I have a dreamy husband, a five year old boy full of energy, a three year old sassy girl, and a three month miracle preemie. We love big and hard.
4. I love where I live! I love being surrounded by my family and the mountains. I am so thankful to raise a family where I was raised. 
5. In my spare time (did I just say that?) I love to sew, read Christian romance, soak in scorching baths, and paint and repaint my nails, and collect my children’s art work. 
6. I'm not above lying down in the dirt or climbing a tree for the perfect shot. 
7. I love being home with my three kids teaching preschool, having dress up parties, playing patty-cake, and being tackled with endless hugs and kisses. 
8. I think life is precious and priceless and should be remembered through photographs that spark emotions.

more about me

a photographer, mother, and lover of all things love


my loves

diet coke

I have a slight (okay, huge) obsession. Don't judge me, I'm trying to cut back.


Shoe love is true love.


Jesus is making me a vessel He can use and doesn’t give up on me! This may be the reason that I can’t have enough pottery pieces. I love the reminder.


Just kidding. I am truly terrified of flying... but I will do it for a destination wedding because I love you.

vols football

On Saturdays, we wear orange, sing Rocky Top, and pray until the 4th quarter like any other Vols fan.